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The Rose Rene Goscinny is like many of our other scented roses developed by the French rose breeding family Meilland.

The scented rose Rene Goscinny is a deeply filled garden rose with a light apricot perfume. Each rose is a little different in color from one another. Sometimes a little darker peach in the centre, sometimes more to mango orange color. The edges of the outer leaves of the flowers sometimes have an attractive coloring effect with darker shades, almost brownish.

The flowers are beautiful in every stade; the flower buds open up in hollow rosettes, each with 80-90 petals. The Rene Goscinny roses have a wonderful fruity aroma.


    • Shape : Classical garden rose
    • Color : Mango / peach / orange
    • Petal Count : 80+
    • Diameter : 13 cm
    • Fragrance : Gentle and soft apricot scent
    • Vase Life : 5-7 days
    • Breeder : Meilland
    • Plant name : Meifrypon
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