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The Rose Pink Yves Piaget was found accidentally as a mutant of the normal Yves Piaget rose at the Tambuzi farm in Kenya.

Besides the great shape it has also the fantastic scent, as fresh as the normal Yves Piaget rose.

The original Yves Piaget Rose is bred in France and introduced in 1985. ‘ This award-winner is known for its sweet scent and large, full-petaled, pink blossoms reminiscent of the old garden roses grown during English Queen Adelaide’s reign in the nineteenth century.

Named for the famous Swiss clock maker who makes the trophy for the best rose in the Geneva rose competition. Perfectly combines old-fashioned form, strong color and rich fragrance.


    • Shape : Romantica®
    • Color : White with deep pink ruffles
    • Petals Count : 80
    • Diameter : 12 cm
    • Fragrance : Strong Citrus scent
    • Vase Life : 7 days
    • Breeder : Meilland
    • Plant name : unknown
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