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The David Austin Wedding Rose Miranda™ was part of the second generation of David Austin’s Cut Roses and remains very popular today for weddings and events. This rose is remarkable for the giant blooms, made up of approximately 120 wavy petals, perfectly arranged to form beautiful, almost flat rosettes.

When fully open, the heart of the David Austin Wedding Rose Miranda™ is a pure rose pink, while the outer petals pale to the softest shade of pink.

At the bud stage, the outer petals can be seen to have a lovely streaked green effect, which adds to the garden style, creating a look reminiscent of a parrot tulip. These outer petals gradually turn back and are hidden as the blooms open.

David Austin Wedding Rose Miranda has a delicate fruity fragrance.

Named for Prospero’s beautiful daughter in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.


David Austin Wedding Rose Miranda™

    • Shape : Rosette
    • Color : Mid pink with paler outer petals
    • Petal Count : 120
    • Diameter : 10-12 cm
    • Fragrance : Light ,fruity and floral
    • Vase Life : 6-7 days
    • Breeder : David Austin
    • Plant Name : Ausimmon
    • Best use after: 5-6 days
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