The colour of this intriguing rose is transformed as the bloom ages. David Austin Wedding Rose Darcey™ is bright magenta in the bud, opening to rich raspberry red colour, then finally developing velvety purple tones as the bloom ages.

The flowers of the David Austin Wedding Rose Darcey™ are in the form of incurved cups at first, opening out to perfect rosettes with many perfectly arranged petals. When fully open, a beautiful cluster of golden stamens can be seen in the heart of the rose.

The attractive matt green foliage is very characteristic of old roses.

There is a very light fruity tea scent to be discovered in the David Austin Wedding Rose Darcey.

Darcey dries beautifully if the flowers are hung upside down to air in a dark, dry place before the blooms have fully opened. Leave for about two or three weeks until they are completely dried. The dried roses will be a sensational dark purple colour.

Darcey has a long vase life of at least seven days.

David Austin Wedding Rose Darcey™

    • Shape : Rosette
    • Color : Raspberry red
    • Petal Count : 125
    • Diameter : 10-12 cm
    • Fragrance : very light fruity tea
    • Vase Life : 9-10 days
    • Breeder : David Austin
    • Plant Name : Auschariot
    • Best use after: 6-7 days