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Meilland Jardin & Parfum Roses

The rose Alina Perfumella is a member of the ‘Meilland Jardin & Parfum’ collection. This collection is a true luxury rose collection with the best scented cut rose varieties of the famous French Rose breeding family Meilland.

Meilland Jardin & Parfum Rose ‘Alina Perfumella’

The Alina Perfumella rose is a beautiful, smaller scale, garden rose. She has deep, full and swirly light peachy petals.

Alina Perfumella has a delicate, light fragrance resembling a candy cane and is ideal for mixed bouquets, floral arrangements and corsages. The cream peachy to light pink coloring of the blooms makes this a romantic rose with a garden charm.

Alina Perfumella is also available as a spray rose variety.

  • Color : Light creamy pink to peach

  • Petals Count : 38

  • Diameter : 10-12 cm

  • Fragrance : Citric, candy cane

  • Vase Life : 7-9 days

  • Best use after: 5-6 days

The inauguration of the rose Alina Perfumella 

Before the renaming by Meilland Jardin & Parfum roses, this variety was known as Sweet Perfumella. In November 2019, during an annual special event hosted by Parfum Flower Company, Matthias Meilland officialy announced the renaming of this rose to Alina Perfumella.

Alina Perfumella is named after Alina Neacsa, a well-kwown Romanian floral designer and great ambassador of garden roses and scented roses.

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